Welcome to our little store!  We are so pleased to bring you the BEST, NATURAL products that we can find! 

The idea for Fundy Bay Organics was born on a sunny spring day.   Our founder, Suzanne, has always wanted to have her own little retail store.  While on the hunt one day for some face cream, she became annoyed that many of the “organic” products in the big-box stores around town had many artificial and chemical additives.  Why wasn’t there a place in town where someone could find a selection of authentic, natural products?  

All of Fundy Bay’s suppliers are dedicated to providing quality, natural and organic body products.  We carry everything from baby care to mens’ products, in unscented and scented forms.  Many of our products are vegan and gluten free. 

We are so proud of the amazing products that our suppliers make.  And we are super proud that we can bring them to you!